Since 1982 working in the Infrastructure Sector and from 1996 continuously working abroad with a wide ranging experience in all aspects of water supply, sanitation and other infrastructure projects, e.g

  • Team leading, project & design management, supervision of water supply, sanitation and energy projects
  • Preparation of investment programmes and feasibility studies in the water and sanitation sector
  • Institutional strengthening and training programmes; Water and sewerage utility analysis
  • Water supply network rehabilitation with special focus on Non-Revenue Water reduction and operational performance monitoring
  • Operations and maintenance of water, wastewater and sanitary landfill systems
  • Quality management, planning and design according EC & FIDIC requirements of infrastructure projects
  • Experience with EC Structural & Cohesion Fund & PRAG, EBRD, EIB, KfW, World Bank & WSP (co)-funded projects & missions
  • Consulting, programming and coordination for International Funding Agencies and Donors

Water utility analysis and consulting services, not only limited to the above mentioned fields, can be provided as a individual consultant for specific assignments, as a member of an interdisciplinary project team, as a project coordinator or a project team leader.

Particular experience related to the problems in the Balkan region and Central Asia, while most of the overseas experience has been gathered in countries such as Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro, Serbia, Romania, Turkey; FSU countries, such as Georgia, Latvia, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, in South Asia in India and Sri Lanka, and in Africa in Mozambique.


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